2018 Presenters

Some of the most knowledgable BDSM, leather, and kink instructors come from all over the world to teach at DESIRE. Our presenters offer workshops throughout the weekend, along with one-on-one and small group mentoring, an especially unique and beneficial experience DESIRE offers.


Arli is a triple threat: FIERCE FAT FEMME.  A poly queer LeatherDyke, Arli has been exploring kink and leather for more 30 years.  Arli is a founding member of the famous Vancouver Away Team.  Her Easy Bake Oven has been to almost as many events as she has.

Workshop: Perils of the Pedestal, Sunday, 4:00-5:30
Dominants and Tops are always in control, never uncertain, make mistakes, or need reassuring! If all of that is true then a pedestal would be a perfect place to reside. Submissives only need the opinions, thoughts or feelings provided by their dominants. Life would be so much easier. Sounds great! Right?!? Arli thinks the pedestal has been the downfall of more than one relationship. She has some ideas on how to avoid the pitfalls.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Senior bottom/Junior Top
  • Power Exchange Problem Solving Help From a Switch
  • I’m Not the Masochist I Once Was
  • Negotiating Aftercare
  • Long Distance Success
  • Age Play
  • Service Across the Miles

babypig ax

babypig ax is a submissive, service-oriented, sadomasochistic, mixed (Puerto Rican/Lebanese), transgender boy. They’ve been beaten and in service for over 7 years, and for the past 4 years have been throwing FRESH MEAT Los Angeles: a play party for queer and trans people of color and those in solidarity with us. ax is passionate about sexual liberation for all and making BDSM more accessible to people of color. If you are POC or have a POC-centered group and are interested in throwing your own play parties, please message me online! Outside of BDSM, ax is a union carpenter and is always looking for new areas in which to build his skills.


Workshop: People of Color Caucus, Saturday, 10-11:30 AM
Calling all People of Color! Circle discussion on topics the group would like to discuss around being black, indigenous, brown, people of color perverts, BDSM practitioners, sadomasochists, players…Topics may include:

– Navigating Majority White Dungeon Spaces
– Being POC in Power Exchange Relationships
– Finding POC Play Parties in Your City
– Maintaining Power in a submissive Role
– Politics of Desire in Cruising, Playing, and Dating
– Racial Dynamics in Community Organizing

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring topics: None

Bikkja Amy

Bikkja Amy is the new Co-owner/Producer of DESIRE and the Contestant Coordinator for IMsL/IMsBB (2007- current). She has been creating mischief in the San Diego and Central Valley Leather Communities for the last 17 years. True to her Capricorn nature, she jumped right into her career as a Kinky Woman when she first moved to San Diego in 2000, by becoming a member and board member of Leather and Sisterhood (L.A.S.H.) She then became Knight of Leather 2002. She facilitated the San Diego Women’s Leather Rap group and co-founded the Modesto Women’s BDSM Forum in 2004-06. She became Southern California Leather Woman (SCLW) in 2006 and sat on the board until the title retired in 2015. Bikkja was on The Leather Realm committee at San Diego Gay Pride from 2007 to 2017. She has the honor of being Mama’s Bikkja. As a player, she is a true Switch who is particularly fond of blood. She spends her time in San Diego with her wife, Naria, her submissive and partner “toi”.  She is also Mommy to her little boi, her 2 cats and 2 dogs, as well as a household of assorted pervs.

Workshop: Bitches Be Switches, Sunday, 4-5:30pm
Not that long ago switches were not highly looked upon because it was perceived that they just couldn’t make up their minds about what they wanted. However, many in the Women’s Leather Community fully embraced the identity and fucked up the status quo in all of the best ways! Whether you’re a true switch, a top heavy or bottom heavy switch, this class will further examine the true joys of switching!

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring topics: None

Bikkja’s toi, Kelli Kae

toi, also know as Bikkja’s toi and Mama’s Desire’d Chef, has been a volunteer for the Leather Realm since 2013. She is also one of the EPIC Chefs at DESIRE every year. She has helped out in workshops and presentations on such topics as Shaving, Piercing, Saline Infusion, Cutting, Cell Popping, and Polyamory.

Workshop: None

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring topics:

  • Electricity
  • Wax
  • Body Bags

Briar Wood

Briar is queer switch Leather Woman driven by service but will happily steer that bus as she educates and shares her talents in the art of Bootblacking and Community Service. Briar’s journey has taken her from a quiet and shy thing to a proud force to be reckoned with that you see today. She supports many events as staff, organizing the bootblacks to provide a fun environment to do their thing. She has held titles, serves on committees and has judged several contests across the US.

Workshop: Balls Deep with a Bootblack, Friday 2:00-3:30
It’s good to take it back to basics and work with what we carry with us. Inside our kit lives a fantasy waiting to happen! Come discover some fun with trampling, stomping, kicking and uses for products and tools in your kit. Then let me meet you where you are on your leather care journey, bring whatever supplies you have and your boots or other leather items/toys. Hands on workshop that allows everyone to participate.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Bootblack 101
  • Kit Turned Toybag (Balls Deep with a Bootblack)


Carol discovered her kinky and submissive inclinations about 7 years ago and found the Southern California community in 2012. She has been a participant at DESIRE every year since and the event has been an integral part of her journey in kink and Leather as well as a pivotal influence in her relationship with her Daddy. She is also an active member and current Secretary of the San Diego Girls of Leather. She’s excited for the opportunity to give back to the event that has been such shaping force in her Leather life.

Workshop: My Submission Is Not Your Submission, Friday 2:00-3:30 This panel of submissives, bottoms, and masochists will explore the rewards and challenges of being on the right side of the slash. The panel will lead discussion on the myth of the “perfect” submissive, how to not be a doormat, and protocols that work with your dynamic. However, they plan to let the discussion lead them. All are welcome but this is a “right side” focused topic.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring topics: None


Crys&Ronise (Xeta and LoveSexyMuffin on FetLife) have been married and in a D/s relationship since 1993 and out in the San Diego Kink Community since 2011. They continue to explore new skills and expressions of their power exchange while balancing careers and kids. Both enjoy impact, breath, and objectification play.

Workshop: My Submission Is Not Your Submission, Friday 2:00-3:30 This panel of submissives, bottoms, and masochists will explore the rewards and challenges of being on the right side of the slash. The panel will lead discussion on the myth of the “perfect” submissive, how to not be a doormat, and protocols that work with your dynamic. However, they plan to let the discussion lead them. All are welcome but this is a “right side” focused topic.

Workshop: Keeping Desire Alive Through the Year, Sunday 2:00-3:30 Desire makes us feel sexy, open, grounded and connected to our community. Too often, that feeling fades away and we spend months waiting for its return. Wouldn’t it be amazing to keep those feelings alive throughout the year? Our goal is to give suggestions on ways to keep the spirit of Desire alive in your hearts (and loins) through a facilitated discussion. All skill levels welcome.

Special Event:

  • Friday & Saturday 7:30-8:30: Wheel of Pain Contest

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics: 

  • Breathplay
  • Roleplay


Denise is everyone’s favorite (according to her Ma’am) unofficial official photographer. If you don’t recognize her from her 13 years in the Leather community, it may be because a camera has hidden her from your view. A native of Arizona, you may say Denise likes it hot. It is there that she lives with her most benevolent Ma’am and a horde of furbabies. She is excited and honored to serve on her first ever panel. She is also grateful to the producers, both past and present, for making her part of the DESIRE family.

Workshop: My Submission Is Not Your Submission, Friday 2:00-3:30 This panel of submissives, bottoms, and masochists will explore the rewards and challenges of being on the right side of the slash. The panel will lead discussion on the myth of the “perfect” submissive, how to not be a doormat, and protocols that work with your dynamic. However, they plan to let the discussion lead them. All are welcome but this is a “right side” focused topic.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring topics: None

girl ang

girl ang is IMsL 2018 and a rugged Femme hedonistic switch, service oriented Leather woman based in Melbourne, Australia. Her kinks include squirting, fisting, energy exchange, sensation play, tea parties, leather and latex. She is passionate about the leatherwork she has created over the last 2.5 years through her business Little Miss Leather. girl ang is well into her psychology degree and completed her Certificate IV in Training and Assessment in 2011; she loves to learn and share knowledge. She chooses happiness and is an insatiable flirt.


Workshop: Erotic Hair Removal, Sunday 4:00-5:30 This class will cover safety – safer techniques, clean up, accidents/bleeding, cross contamination, and care of equipment. It will include demonstrations of use of clippers, tweezers, wax, shaving, and scissors on a demo bottom. We will discuss the actions, sensations and erotic reward of the hair removal from both sides of the slash and from the demo bottom’s perspective as well. You will then have an opportunity to try some of these.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Flirt with an Aussie
  • Erotic Hair removal
  • What is a Healthy Well Woman
  • Squirting
  • Fisting
  • Dancing with Whips
  • Working Through Emotional Hard Point with the Kink Community
  • Owning Your Cunt
  • D/s and Protocols

Glenda Rider

Glenda Rider co-founded Lesborados in 1991, was the first female Eagle Bar titleholder as Ms. Baltimore Eagle 1992 and in 1993 co-founded FIST– Females Investigating Sexual Terrain which celebrates 25 years this summer. In 1996, she and Sarah Humble created Play House Studios and Gallery which was a community based playspace and art gallery. Glenda was also the Owner and one of the Producers of International Ms Leather & International Ms Bootblack from 2006 – 2013. Currently serving on the BoD of the Mid-Atlantic Deaf Interpreters Fund and residing in Baltimore, Glenda’s passions are all about Making Play Happen!

Workshop: Toys, Who Needs Toys?!?!, Saturday 10:00-11:30
Short on cash to buy toys? Out of town without your toybag when you meet that special someone? Or just looking for a more intimate scene? We’ll explore your hands, teeth, feet, elbows, claws, voice, mind, tongue and more as these are the ‘toys’ you always have with you.

Please come prepared with YOUR ‘living off the land’ kinky stories to share.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Lessons Learned When One Falls from Grace – A 5 year Personal Perspective
  • Leather Contests – History or Production or Running for a Title
  • Creating and Running a BDSM Playspace – Both For Profit and Non-Profit
  • Organizing and Running Community Based Organizations Organizing Leather/Kink Events – Both For Profit and Non-Profit
  • White Folks Holding Other White Folks Accountable for Ending White Supremacy in Our Community
  • How To Find Community – Navigating Social Media and Face to Face Opportunities to Connect
  • Women’s Leather History – A Walk Down Memory Lane
  • Handling Crisis in Community
  • Fundraising Can be Fun 101 – From Jello Shots to GoFundMe and more
  • Caning – must bring their own bottom or want to bottom
  • Fisting – must bring their own bottom or want to be fisted
  • Gential Play – must bring their own bottom or want to bottom
  • Breath Control – must bring their own bottom or want to bottom

** For all 1-on-1 and small group sessions, participants must bring their own bottom or want to bottom.


Jesbian Bagheera is a leather femme dandy. She gets down and dirty at the SF Eagle bootblack stand as a switchy ashtray. When she is not up to her knees in shenanigans and sass, she is volunteering with The SF Little Scouts and SF girls of Leather. She has been licking leathers and force feeding cupcakes in the community since 2011. She previously held the title International Little Miss Little 2014. She is the current Ms California Leather 2017. She continues to advocate for Leather Littles everywhere while continuing to build her education directory V.I.V.I.D. Leather for POC visibility.

Workshop: Let it Burn: Cell Popping and Micro Strike Branding, Sunday 2:00-3:30
Do you like the distinctive smell of burning flesh? Does the sound of the sizzle hot metal makes when it touches skin make you shiver? Make no mistake, this is not for the feint of heart. But for those who are not afraid of getting burned – this intimate play can be life changing. This class will center a demo, with discussion. There will be time for questions.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Age Play
  • Service How To
  • Cigars
  • Needles
  • Helping Build a Service Toolkit
  • Leather Care
  • Building a Gogo-bag
  • Titleholder Coaching
  • Handler/Service Person Coaching
  • Disneyland 101


Jesse Duran is a Leather Woman, beginning as a slave in 1991, revisited as a temple slave to the Temple of Atonement at Burning Man in 2004 prior to receiving a Master’s cover. A versatile switch who walked a traditional “old guard” path toward mastery, and identifies as a Daddy/Sir/Sadist in Top space, and boi/bottom/masochist in bottom space.

She enjoys and teaches a variety of topics including medical play, bondage, mummification (dry and wet), sensory deprivation, fire play, massage: therapeutic, service-oriented and sensual, cupping and vacuum pumping, play piercing, sutures, urethral play (catheters and sounds), fisting, genital play, spanking, caning, flogging. She has presented for APEX, L.A.S.H., Club X, Avatar, Threshold, Exiles, OCLA, and many munches and private groups, classes, conferences, and professional groups since 1993.

Workshop: None

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Needle Play
  • Bondage, including Pool Mummification
  • Cupping
  • Flogging

Lady Carrie

I’ve been in the lifestyle 35+ years. I was ProDomme but prefer playing for the pleasure of it. I am an introvert. My expertise includes mentoring, teaching the Art of Scratching, flogging, hot wax, tit torture, pussy play, tickling, sensual play, and to help educate both the community and others.

Workshop: Introvert Within the Lifestyle–I Am an Introvert BUT I Wanna Play Too! Friday 4:00-5:30
This class is for both introverts and extraverts.

This class is to help introverts learn how to step outside of their box to involve themselves in conversation and get to the part where they get to play and meet new people. Be you top or bottom….let’s conquer those hidden fears and enjoy ourselves!  Extraverts….learn how to coax an introvert out of their box for play and fun.

This is an audience participation class

Workshop: Scratching for Pain & Pleasure Energy Sex, Saturday 2:00-3:30
This class will leave the hair on the back of your neck standing at attention! Learn to scratch, tickle and leave your subject weak in the knees and trembling. Yes, of course, it will simultaneously include mind fucking!

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Scratching For Pain & Pleasure
  • POC People of Color and Diversity
  • Sensual Domination
  • Submissives vs slaves
  • I am an Introvert BUT I Want to Play
  • The Importance of Aftercare
  • MC


Madison identifies as a poly, lesbian, service-oriented switch who thoroughly enjoys participating in the Art that is D/s, as well as the Fun of topping and bottoming. As a member of the Leather/BDSM Community for 17 years, she has served on panels discussing poly relationships, D/s dynamics, and ageplay, has co-taught a workshop on the wonderful joys of service, and has presented workshops on D/S Protocols and Sensual Spanking at various events. Currently residing in the Phoenix Valley, Madison serves the Community further by offering ASL interpretation at conferences all over the SouthWest, not to mention working hard for her favorite event every year, DESIRE! Madison has been a member of the Society of Janus, the Exiles, APEX and the San Francisco Girls of Leather.

Workshop: None

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Sensual spanking
  • D/s Protocols
  • D/s Archetypes
  • Non-sexual Ageplay
  • Flogging

miss jamila

miss jamila is a sex therapist, sex educator and presenter. She is also a 2 time DESIRE Fist-a-Thon winner, unowned s-type, a proud Leatherwoman, and a lover of the Erotic. On a personal level, she spends her time reading, smoking cigars and circulating in the kink and polyamory communities in LA. Professionally, she presents on a variety of sexuality topics, and in her private practice, she focuses on helping people in the BDSM/polyamory/swinger communities to enhance their relationships, and supports people to move beyond sexual challenges and trains other clinicians to do the same.


Workshop: Wet & Wild: G-spot Play & Vaginal Fisting, Friday 2:00-3:30 G-spot play and vaginal fisting can be intensely intimate and very pleasurable but there are lots of myths and misconceptions about these acts. In this class, we’ll cover negotiation, anatomy, the variety of techniques for locating the g-spot, using toys, selecting lube, getting beyond four fingers and how to leverage the mind/body connection. This class is designed for givers and receivers and for newbies and vaginal veterans to share, discuss, and experience a fisting education that’s up close and personal.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Navigating the Scene as an Unowned s-type
  • Fisting: From a Bottom’s Perspective
  • Instruments of Pleasure: Finding the Right Lube and Toys for You
  • Licking Honey From the Thorn: Navigating Trauma, Enhancing Pleasure
  • Sex Coaching About Fisting or any Sexuality Topic


Her Sweet Princess Domina Mistieyes (aka KL) is a San Diego-based lesbian, Dominant bottom who enjoys being in control of having her desires fulfilled through sensation, impact and other forms of play. She entered the leather scene in 2012 by attending Girls Night Out! (GNO) women’s play parties. In 2013, she joined BikkjaAmy as co-host of GNO. They along with Naria, also co-host Genderqueer Night Out! (GqNO). She serves as Advertising Coordinator for DESIRE Leather Women Unleashed. She has volunteered in the Leather Realm at San Diego Pride and the Leather Tent at Long Beach Pride since 2013. She is a certified life coach, bestselling self-published author and a bonafide joy junkie. She has been with her wife and EPIC Chef, Brownsexy for 13 years. They are co-Dominants to their submissive, Carla doll.

Workshop: None

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Twerkshop: Prep for the Twerk Contest by learning the basics and some twerkography

Special Events:

  • Sunday 11:00am: Hat Parade and Twerk Contest
  • Sunday 4:15 PM: Femme Circle Jerk

Monica aka Auntie M

Monica has been out in BDSM for well over 20 years, and has been Owned and operated by Sharrin Spector for the last 20. Monica lives in Oakland with her Lady and leather family in a polycule relationship. She has been an age player all that time.

Workshop: Age Play: the Good, the Bad, and the Dirty!, Friday 4:00-5:30 This is an informative class on “how to’s“ of age play as well as a few short demonstrations. Some of the topics are: as a little what kind are you? And do you want a big or need one. As a Big are you a Top or a bottom? How do you know what type of little you want? And oh, so much more!

Special Events Hosting:

  • Saturday 11:00PM: Story Time and Coloring Under the Stars (Wear your onesies or footie pj’s!)
  • Sunday 10:00am: A Little’s Tea Party,  Must RSVP to desireleatherwomen@gmail.com

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Being a middle in a Scene.
  • Coloring as a little.


Naria Lei B. Jordan is the new Co-owner/Producer of DESIRE, IMsL Dungeon Coordinator, Southern California Leather Woman (SCLW) 2012/2013, and Ms. San Diego Leather 2002. She is a longtime Radical Sex Perv Poly Daddy who has been involved in the Queer BDSM Community for 35 years as a practitioner, organizer, activist, and educator in the Kinky Arts. She co-founded two Women’s-only Leather groups in Washington, DC–Lesborados and S/Mazons. She was a co-founder, editor, and writer for the collectively published “Black Leather…In Color” and was the facilitator of the Women’s BDSM Rap in San Diego from 2007-2014. She was also the Co-facilitator for the Women’s BDSM Forum in the Modesto/Central Valley area from 2004-2006. A writer, national speaker and presenter, photographer, and fancier of Fine Fierce Femme Women, Naria is a relentless sex educator, a misunderstood yet flaming Pisces, a true Water Tiger, and always enjoys pushing the envelope–as often as possible! She spends her time in San Diego and Orange County with her primary partners, Bikkja Amy and Brigette, as well as 2 cats and 2 dogs, and a household of assorted pervs.

Workshop: To the Left, To the Left! Saturday 4:00-5:30
Welcome to the world, mindset, and play styles of Tops, Doms, Masters, Mistresses, Daddies, Mommies, Sadists–and everything to the left of the slash in BDSM.  How did we come into these roles and identities, and how do they feed us?  What are the differences, similarities, challenges, rewards, and expectations of these roles?  There’s just so much to ponder!
This workshop will feature a couple of exercises and candid sharing.  All are welcome.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring topics: None

Pat Baillie

California born, Pat Baillie is a retired Air Force Major and a trainer by profession. Her work with the LGBTQ Community and Diversity are highlights of her career. On the leather side, she was Ms. San Jose Leather 1995 and then IMsL 1995. She worked to build community through LeatherWomen United, Albuquerque Pride, Consent Counts and producing Rio Grande Leather in Albuquerque, NM. She is the current Board President of the IMsL Foundation focusing on women’s leadership development, digitizing our history and creating quality education. She is a boy at heart and is in service to Lady Sharrin.


Workshop: I Love You Daddy: When Service Comes in More Flavors, Saturday 2:00-3:30 Service…on your knees, head down, hands behind your back…waiting!  A hot fantasy and a reality for many. What happens when relationship energy pulls you to be the Top while in service?  It’s not just switching. It’s so much more than that. What if service was to be the Daddy? What does that look like? Join this Daddy and his girl on a journey through service in multiple dimensions–how it looks on the outside, and how it feels inside!

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Earn Your Teaching Hanky
  • Teaching Community Organizing
  • Aging in the Leather Community – When Gray is a Hair Color, not a Hanky Color!


A social justice activist for more than 20 years, Q consistently strives to bring together the various communities to which he belongs. Q is a self-identified queer, gender independent, sex worker, actively non-monogamous/polyamorous, sex-positive, leather boi, pleasure professional. It’s well known that flirting is Q’s default mode of communication.

Workshop: Service and Technology, Friday 4:00-5:30 Technology has helped our community flourish in ways and places not imagined by the fabled “Olde Guard”. In this class, we’ll discuss some of the ways we can use technology to enhance our service whether across the miles…or just across the living room.

Workshop: Some Assembly Required, Sunday 2:00-3:30 Fucking with a cock can be hard. It can be even harder when you’re trying to do it with a cock that’s not factory installed. Wouldn’t it be great to have some help figuring out how?!  Which cock should I choose?  What are my style and material choices when it comes to harnesses? Which positions might work best? There will be in class demos so bring your questions!

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Long Distance D/s
  • Service on the Road
  • Solo Poly
  • Tender Masculinity
  • Heart of a Service Boi
  • Strap-ons

River Dark with domenique

River Dark is a Leatherdyke hailing from Vancouver, Canada. In 1982 she realized she was a lesbian and in 1991 she admitted to herself that she was a kinky – but with hindsight was both queer and a pervert as far back as she can remember.
In 1995 she started writing porn for the pleasure of her Master; and started teaching in 2005 spurred by her frustration with the quality of the classes she was attending at the time. Now, when not engaged in her Muggle life, she travels with domenique, her slave of seven years, presenting workshops and creating scenes.
Born and raised in California, River’s slave discovered the BDSM community when it was 19 and immediately embraced it with mind body and soul. Thirsty for intensity, connection, and sexual liberation DESIRE became the perfect place for it to explore and experience these things at a level it had always yearned for. It is both terrified and passionately interested in things involving the human heart and the power it holds, and is a bit obsessed with ideas around attachment, pain, and the healing process. It is a brat, a stray dog, a boi, a girl, and a sex slave who submits only to her Owner.
Over the years they have presented at many local, regional and international events & organizations. River dreams of finally finishing the anthology of erotic fiction and essay that she has been working on, and of a world where her dyke, poly, kinky, M/s heart is not incongruent with her Muggle life

Workshop: Not Just Fun and Games: Playing on the Dark Side, Saturday 10:00-11:30
What about when it’s not “fun”? What about when it does not feel “good”? This workshop explores the darker side of S/M and D/s that does not fit the rhetoric generated for the vanilla world.  Where Safe, Sane and Consensual are not a creed but instead one way of looking at things. Where punishment is not funishment, where tears shed are not always from happiness or release, and where there are not always safewords.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Breath Play
  • Dyke Cock Sucking & Face Fucking
  • D/s & M/s Relationships
  • Flogging
  • Kicking/Punching/Hitting
  • Polyamory
  • Slave Training

Shann Carr

Shann Carr is International Ms Leather 88, a comedian, film and event producer, author and philanthropist. She is the Executive Producer of The Moxie Complex LLC., a visionary company hoping to build a home for the burgeoning industry of gay entertainment production in Palm Springs, CA. The Moxie has produced media-based events in Palm Springs including Gay TV Week, Gay Commercial-Making Contests, films, live shows, national tours and weekend events. Shann has a special way with volunteers serving as the Volunteer Coordinator staffing the LGBT Community Center, The Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, The LGBT Film Festival, The American Documentary Film Festival, The Palm Springs chapter of Gay For Good and is the Co-Chair of One-PS’s Modernism Home Tour. Shann works with the PS Animal Shelter, The Center’s Food bank and gives a substantial portion of most every event she produces to charity. Shann won the “Pride of Palm Springs” award for community service and Curve Magazine’s “America’s Top 10 Funniest Comedians” and this June will be awarded “80 Voices for Palm Springs’ 80th birthday.” She continues to find new ways to contribute.


Sharrin Spector, Executive Producer, IMsLBB Productions, LLC, found the leather community in Seattle in the early 90’s. She was eager to learn “pervert”, not only canes, blood, and service, but also what community meant. She was one of the co-creators of Powersurge, the first women’s BDSM conference in 1992. She is an educator and owned Pierce Ink for 20 years. She continues that legacy through the IMsLBB Weekend attracting over 700 women and those who love them. She lives in Oakland, CA, with her “polycule” which includes her girl, her husbutch/boy, a stray wolf and a pack of chihuahuas.


Workshop: I Love the Cane, Do You?, Saturday 4:00-5:30
This class will explore all the delicious sensations one piece of rattan can make. This will be a hands-on class, so bring a cane, a bottom or a bum because we are going to cane!  Class will be taught to the level of participants, so I am calling it a number scrabble 321 class.

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Relationship Poly
  • MS
  • Canes
  • Branding


Teagan fell in love with bootblacking at a young age, doing her shoes before church.  Although these days her skills are being put to more salacious uses, she still identifies as a spiritual bootblack. For her, bootblacking harkens back to the foot-washing ritual. Teagan is International Ms. Bootblack 2018, and the 20th person to hold that title. She is based in Oakland, CA. During her title year she invited our community to “Take Refuge” in the capable hands of our bootblacks. She’s the Executive Producer of the San Francisco Bootblack Contest.


Workshop: Leather Lust, Saturday 4:00-5:30
It’s flirty, it’s fun and OMG is it hot… If you plan it right a leather worship scene can provide some of the most intimate moments for you and your partner.  We will be going through a few things to consider when doing leather and boot worship including safety precautions, boot anatomy, and some techniques to foster connection between you and your partner. Then the fun begins with a few hot demos!

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Bootblacking
  • Cigar Play
  • Stomping
  • Leather Worship
  • Rough Body Play
  • Micro Branding
  • Straight Razoring


Z is a drummer, teacher, dancer, and retired massage therapist. This is her third time drumming and first time presenting at Desire this year!

Workshop: Tissue Rolling, It’s therapeutic!! Saturday 2:00-3:30
Tissue rolling is a simple myofascial massage technique that can be exquisitely painful for the bottom and requires relatively low exertion for the top. Grab, twist, roll; snap, crackle, pop. This hands on workshop will explore techniques as well as safety concerns for this sadistic, yet therapeutic, massage technique.

Bring a partner, grab a new friend, be ready to give and/or receive!

1-1 or Small Group Mentoring Topics:

  • Sadistic Massage
  • Tissue Rolling
  • Ergonomic Impact: Hurt them, Not Yourself